At Locksafe we supply all UPVC gearboxes and UPVC mechanisms, these mechanisms can fail due to them not being maintained properly or because the door has not been fitted correctly. This problem is easily sorted, even though these parts are a little expensive they are probably not as expensive as you think.

If you are having difficulty locking your uPVC door lock, phone us straight away, as we are a uPVC locksmith specialist. We can usually adjust the door or lock and prevent any more damage being done to your door mechanism. This obviously prevents you from having to buy a new one and so saves you money.

If you require expert uPVC lock repairs in Chichester and Nutbourne or find yourself locked out, Locksafe locksmiths are experts in this field, so please feel free to call us for any advice that you need. Our phone is always answered by a qualified locksmith.

Please call us 01243 710102 for a rapid response.

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